Donald A. Maslin

November 2, 1927 - August 28, 2004

Don, we will miss you!

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Herb Johnson wrote:

"I corresponded and exchanged items with Don for many years, as he was an early source for old system disks, just as I was for S-100 documents. Our work was complimentary. Just a few months ago, I asked Don for his price on some Pascal diskettes: instead he simply emailed the disk images at no charge. So I was surprised to hear about his passing recently. I'm saddened by the loss of such a generous and persistant supporter of old technology. I give my condolences to his family: they should know that Don helped a lot of people with his services, and he had the respect of his peers."

Herb Johnson "Dr. S-100"

Mike Schaudies wrote:

I'm very sorry to hear about Don's passing. He was quite a resource for the CP/M community, and I'm sure he'll be sorely missed by his many friends.

--Mike Schaudies

Gary Fisher wrote:

Since I am just getting back into the CP/M world, it was amazing how many times his name came up in my Google searches when I was looking for something obscure. He will be missed by all who want to keep all the efforts of those many pioneers alive.

John Schuncke wrote:

I've been interested in CP/M since the mid '80s, and comp.os.cpm was a regular hangout as I sought out support and information on my various acquisitions. I noticed that whenever someone posted on USENET looking for boot media for their CP/M system, Don Maslin's name always came up as the answer. Still, all the systems I was given came with complete disk sets, so I just noted Don's role in this community for future reference. I also began to admire the quiet, no-nonsense support he gave, doing something that desperately needed doing if these old systems were going to be kept running, but with no fanfare, no business angle, no glory.

Then, in 1996, I was given a Morrow MD-2 with no media. It seemed that at last I'd have to call on Don. Certainly $5 per diskette was reasonable.

But I'm a procrastinator. A bad one. Eight years passed before I got around to contacting Don. In mid-August of 2004, I e-mailed him requesting pricing and handling arrangements for a complete set of MD-2 media. To my surprise, he promptly responded with the actual disks, in disk image format. Problem solved, zero cost. Amazing.

We corresponded briefly after that; I needed one slightly different disk image because the revision of boot ROM in my Morrow was different from what he originally sent me, and I gave him a heads-up about some variations in the .TD0 disk image format and different revisions of the "teledisk" disk image manipulation program.

And now he's gone. I'm glad that I contacted him while I had the opportunity. Working with him was a joy, and probably the most effective and least stressful e-mail correspondence I've ever had. He was a gem, and a pillar of this family of computer enthusiasts. He and his contributions will be grievously missed. I hope that someone else rises to the challenge and honors his work by continuing it.

John L. Schuncke, Jr.

Mike Stein wrote:

I can only echo what everyone else is saying and feeling. I mentioned on one of the mailing lists that I was looking for a certain system disk and sure enough, the next day I found an image attached to an e-mail from Don. I regret to say that, being a terrible procrastinator, I still have some S-100 stuff that Don asked me for, sitting here with his name on it.

Sorry, Don! You will be missed very very much, not just as an extremely valuable resource to the community, but especially as a warm and generous person. Thank you!

mike stein,

Bill Layer wrote:

I became acquainted with Don in or around 1999, when I'd come across a group of Epson CP/M hardware, including a QX-10, HX-20 and one other.. a PX-8? I'm not sure, but I may have met him via the classic comp mailing list - either way, he was a great old gent! He supplied all of the system disks and docs needed to get the QX-10 booting and running Valdocs.. and for a very reasonable fee.

Thirteen years later, and I've apparently misplaced those disks. Went searching on his name (found an old envelope) and, well, rest in peace my friend. Sad to hear that yet another good old-timer has taken his final leave of us. If the service and assistance he provided me is any indication, the vintage computer community has lost a truly great friend.

Bill Layer,
St. Paul, MN

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