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Calmira Screenshots
CAL3101P.ZIP, 613K: Calmira 3.101 German. Calmira is a Win95 style GUI including Start Menu, Taskbar, Explorer, and anything else a Win95 user might miss in Windows 3.1.... Calmira can be configured individually and you may even become addicted to it ;) And now for the best: Calmira is Open Source!
CALSRC.ZIP, 854K: The Calmira Sources (in Delphi).

More information and English version at

Those who prefer to have a Windows 3.1x which looks like OS/2, should try the Workplace Shell for Windows 1.51, 634K.
Winplay 3, 806K: The best and most stable MP3 player for Win 3.1x I ever came across! Sound options can be changed depending on the hardware performance. The minimum should be a 486DX-33. With a slower machine you won't have much fun...
MPEG Video Player
XING_31.ZIP, 1.29M: MPEG Video and VCD Player for Windows 3.1x. Absolutely stable and well performing, even though my machine is much slower than recommended.
Important notice: Won't work with Win95 or above!
Powerpoint Viewer

Word 97 Viewer
Microsoft Office 97 Viewers for Win 3.1x
PPVIEW16.EXE, 1.78M: Power Point Viewer, for presentations and slide shows.
WDVW9716.EXE, 2.21M: Microsoft Word 97/2000 Viewer.

Mpegplay V.161, 627K: Small MPEG Player by Michael Simmons, a good alternative for those who don't like the resource eating XING. Important: the program is Shareware and requires WIN32s.

MPEG2 1.1b, 257K: MPEG2 Player, Encoder and Decoder for 32-Bit Windows, including Sources. Requires WIN32s.

Media Player 5.2 beta, 5.5M: To my knowledge the latest version of the 16bit version of the Microsoft Media Player. Can handle e.g. streaming audio/video files.

Netshow Player 2.0, 2.5M: Player for streaming files in ASF format.

RP16_401.EXE, 1.09M: RealPlayer 4.01 for Windows 3.1x. Unfortunately I wasn't able to test it, because it doesn't work with my VGA graphics driver (Diamond Speedstar, ET4000).
R1650W3X.EXE, 1.3M: Real Player 16bit 5.0. To my knowledge the latest 16bit version. Also untested for the above reason.

Video for Windows 1.1, 1.39 M: You'll need Video for Windows to play AVI movies.

Intel Indeo Video Codecs: Video-Codecs 3.2 and 4.1 for Windows 3.1x including installation guide in German.

Quicktime 2.12, 1.81 M: The latest Quicktime version that will work with 3.1x. The archive additionally contains the Quicktime Internet-Plugin v. 1.1.

WinG 1.0, 840K: WinG version 1.0 provides fast DIB-to-screen blts (Bit Block Transfers) under Windows 3.1, Windows for Workgroups 3.11, Windows 95, and Windows NT version 3.5.

Prosound, 860K: Prosound Midi Sequencer for Windows 3.1x.

WIN32s 1.30.172, 2.41M: The Win32s Extensions for Windows 3.1x. Some programs need this 32bit extension, but it enables you to run some Win9x programs, too.

International Language Packages for Win32s:
Dansk, 620K
Deutsch, 620K
Espanol, 620K
Suomen, 620K
Francais, 620K
Italiano, 620K
Nederlands, 620K
Norsk, 620K
Svenska, 620K
These archives contain foreign language versions of some of the Win32s files. After the installation of the complete package (see above), just replace the appropiate files with your language version.

Netscape 4.08 16bit: Complete Netscape Suite, Basic/Complete/Netscape/Professional Editions.

Internet Explorer 5.0 16bit: The complete installation package for Windows 3.1x and NT 3.51. (German).

128bit encryption, 157K: Update for Internet Explorer 5.0 16bit (English).

Java SDK, 2.79M: Java Software Development Kit for Windows 3.11 (Win32s required).

TCP/IP-32 for WfWG 3.11, 674 K: TCP/IP network protocol stack including all tools and utilities (will only work with Windows for Workgroups 3.11).

Xitami Webserver, 724 K: Http and Ftp Server for Windows for Workgroups 3.11.

IrfanView 2.05, 230 K: A fast and small image viewing and processing tool, originally written for Win95/NT. This older version still runs on Windows 3.1x with Win32s, though.

Acrobat Reader 3.01, 3.85 M: The newest available 16-Bit version.

Euro-Update, 757K: The Euro symbol for Windows 3.1x.

OSR2 Fix, 30 K: You'll need this fix if you want to install Windows 3.1x under MS-DOS 7.1 (Windows 95 OSR2 resp. Windows 98).

Winclock, 20K: Shows date and time in the title bar of the active window. Also offers some more advanced display options.

Screensaver, 4K: Starts the active screensaver immediately when double-clicked.

WinExit, 3K: Shuts down Windows immediately (i.e. without showing a dialogue box) when double-clicked.

StartupScreen, 21K: Easily change the Windows startup logo.

Total Commander: The Total Commander (formerly Windows Commander) comes in a 16bit and a 32bit version and is apparently the most comprehensive file manager for Windows 3.1x (Shareware).

AppleWin 1.10, Apple //e Emulator for Windows, and Tools.

Inspiration 5.0 for Windows 3.1x
A visual learning tool that inspires students to develop and organize their ideas. Includes permission to distribute for free.

NCSA/Windows httpd 16-bit HTTP Server for Win3.1x
NCSA httpd V1.3Pre for Windows 16bit 12-Jun-94
NCSA httpd X1.1a2 for Windows 16bit 08-Apr-94
Windows httpd V1.4c for Windows 16bit (09-Jun-95)

Microsoft Software Library: This is a part of The Microsoft Software Library, containing all files from 1991 till 1994, as well as some additional files for Windows 3.1x and NT 3.x from later issues.

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