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TCP/IP stacks and similar packages for z80 or CP/M based machines:
(most comments by Herb Johnson and Allison Parent)
  • lwIP - A Lightweight TC/IP stack
    The uIP TCP/IP Stack for Embedded Microcontrollers
    uIP for the TRS-80 Model3
    These three are the same project. the "savannah" page seems to be the WIKI and repository for the "sics" page. Version 1.3.0 is dated March 2008. Under a megabyte for the ZIP code files. The "geocities" Model 3 code runs under TRSDOS 1.3 and LDOS 5.3.1., using SDCC or Misosys C compilers. "Remember, SDCC is *really* buggy.." Page refers to the sics Web site above.

  • TCP for the Xerox 820
    This was donated by Randy McLaughlin, who was active in S-100 and CP/M several years ago and then VANISHED. The "readme" says "OK: I can't remember from where I got this stuff, OK?". Looks like AX25 and Xerox 820 C and asm code from 1991. may use Aztec C. The "TCPGUIDE" says "KA9Q Amateur Radio", so this may be KA9Q's earliest code, which he does not offer on his Web site today. The MAKE file has statements like below, which may help identify the compiler:

    cz -DZ80 -ib: b:mbuf.c as -zap b:mbuf

    No dates, no version numbers, no author names.

  • KA9Q TCP for Xerox 820
    The KA9Q files for the Xerox 820. These may be identical to the above given archive. Please check it out.

  • KA9Q DOCs
    You will note the DOCs zip file has an .EXE that's the NOS for DOS. It's included for completeness and also as it spans the history of that code from the 1984 Xerox 820 to first 386 class PCs. The docs while written for the PC version has enough of the history encapsulated and some very good tutorial as well.

  • A SLIP/IP/UDP/TCP/DNS/TFTP/ping/finger/telnet stack for Amstrad CPCs (copy at
    "CPC/IP is an implementation of the PPP, SLIP, IP, ICMP, UDP, TCP, DNS, TFTP, HTTP, ping, finger and telnet protocols for Amstrad CPC computers with an Amstrad, Pace or CPC Amstrad International serial interface. The code occupies about 14K [less buffers]..." No changes since 2001, at version 0.20. Apparently in assembler, using ZMAC. Apparently it's used to connect to a "peer" computer (a CPC or a Linux box) running SLIP or PPP. "CPC/IP is Copyright (c) 1999-2001 Mark RISON. You may not distribute it without my permission..." but he suggests he would be flexible, as of 2001.
    Since the original site now has disappared, I grabbed the zip file, which can be downloaded here. Who knows how long will keep the file...

    Two more mirrors can be found here:
    CPC/IP 0.11 and 0.12
    CPC/IP 0.20

  • Walnut Creek CP/M CDROM's code on "packet radio"
    That part of the archive has the following:

    * Z80 sources for MULRPT AX.25 Xerox 820 repeater and a TNC (no author)
    * Z80 sources for "packet" use of Heath H89 and a TNC by "RAY, N6UE"
    * BASIC code for TRS80 Model 100 MINI-PBBS and a TNC by "Dick Roux N1AED"
    * "general purpose packet radio server node", with a Xerox 820 & CP/M, and one or TWO TNC's. "MailBox and GateWay Version 12.0 - 5/11/87"

    * There are also three sets of PROM HEX code by WA8DED ver 1.2, for "TAPR TNC-1 (or equivalent, such as the AEA PKT-1 or Heath HD-4040)", a 6809 based device; or the PK87; or the TAPR TNC-2 (or equivalent, such as the MFJ-1270 or AEA PK-80), a Z80 based device. NO SOURCE CODE, but these were apparently the TNC's in use by the above code.

  • For more information about this subject please check out Herb Johnson's page about "TCP/IP" or "Internet" for CP/M