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CP/M-Plus (3.0)

Z System Software


  • FX86.ZIP: Tools for file exchange between DOS and CP/M-86
  • CFX.ZIP: DOS tool for unpacking CP/M archives, v. 0.9 - Attention! This version has a bug concerning files > 64K in LBR archives.
  • CFX13.ZIP: DOS tool for unpacking CP/M archives, v. 1.3, including source.
  • CPM86.EXE: CP/M-86 Emulator for DOS
  • 22DSK144.ZIP: 22DISK, version 1.44. Display and manipulate CP/M diskettes of many different systems (Shareware, will run in a Windows 9x DOS Box, but has got problems with 8" drives)
    If you should ever experience incompatibilities with this version, here is a copy of version 1.42: 22DSK142.ZIP.
  • NEWDISKS.DEF: Some 22disk definitions from various sources, not contained in the 22disk packages (mostly for German/European machines). If you got any self-made definitions not contained in this file, please send them in.
  • 22NCE132.ZIP: 22Nice, a small and fast CP/M 2.2 emulator for DOS
  • RPM.ZIP: Test program to determine the rotational speed of diskette drives.
  • MYZ80.ZIP: MyZ80, comprehensive CP/M Emulator, also useful for Z Systems
  • MYZ80COM.LBR: Communication/Terminal Software for MYZ80
  • DISKINFO: Shows information about various diskette and drive formats, 02/13/02: New version 1.73.
  • FDIR.EXE: Fast DIR, Y2K compliant.


For more programs and system disks please mail to Gaby Chaudry.
List of System disks available from Don Maslin. Please check it out first.

All files of this page (and more!) can also be downloaded from the FTP Server