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CP/M 2.2 or CP/M-Plus and DOS

For handling CP/M-80 files I can recommend a product by Sydex called 22DISK. Using these tools it becomes easy to read, copy, format a.s.o. CP/M disks of different formats on your PC. The program is shareware and can be downloaded from the web site mentioned above. It also can be found on the Walnut Creek CP/M CD ROM, which is distributed by Timer Saver, 521 Sycamore Dr, Windsor, CO 80550 or for the United States.
It seems that 22DISK doesn't run properly on machines with a very high clock rate. Therefore, if you got problems running 22disk on your Pentium, please contact me via e-mail, and I'll try to find a solution for you. Anyway, it's always recommended to remember your dusty old AT...
If you're missing the right definition for your floppy format, you may contact me as well.

CP/M-86 and DOS

For the version 2.0 of PCP/M you can download some tools here:
FX86.ZIP (71 K). For other versions you may try to use 22DISK as mentioned above.

Have a nice conversion!