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CP/M-86: Which computers will run it?

The answer is simple (at least for the version 1.1): Any IBM-compatable PC, whether an XT, or a Pentium. It should only have an 80X86 processor and at least one diskette drive....
The version # 2.04 (which is based on CP/M-Plus) unfortunately will only work on 286 to 486 machines, as it has still got no Pentium patch.

How do I install a CP/M-86 partition?

Very important: The hard disk shouldn't have more than 1024 logical cylinders, i.e. it should be accessible via the standard BIOS. It it not at all recommended to try a bigger one, as the results may be disastrous!
Don't try a SCSI disk, neither. It will be recognized and installed o.k., but it won't boot. If you'll manage to make it work, though, please drop me a line and tell me how you did it!
What do I have to do? First you'll have to create a partition of max. 8 MB capacity. The CP/M system disk contains a program called Hdmaint, which you'll need to install a CP/M partition on the hard disk. Then, after the installation, the only thing you'll have to do to make it bootable is to copy all the files from the system disk to the hard disk.
To change between the operating systems it is recommended to either change the active partition in each case or to use a bootmanager.

Where can I get the software?

The answer:
On my download page!

Any other question?

Then please mail to Gaby Chaudry